We've barely even started yet! Well, I should say that I've barely even started. Zvi's been working hard in the backyard getting a plot ready for me to plant my veggies in.

Hard At Work

Garden In Progress

He took on such a huge job by double digging it all. Too bad our soil is hard, clumpy clay and is in need of years before the amendments really improve its condition. He's already mixed in 8 bags of triple mix and a whole heck of a lot of free leaf compost. I can see that it does look better than before, but it still seems like it would be too difficult to plant seeds in. I think we'll just spread one final layer of triple mix before he gets on with setting up the grid and then I should be able to plant this weekend!

It's a little late for some things ... I mean, not late as in I can't plant them anymore, but just late as in we could've already been eating radishes and lettuce if not already then very soon. But it's ok, better late than never. Next week is our last frost date in this area so I'm looking forward to planting everything else as well.

Going forward, I think we now both agree that building raised beds and doing square foot gardening is just really the way to go. Yes it's more expensive to start off with ... but our existing soil is just too difficult to deal with and it's not worth all the time. Now we know. Annoying when hindsight is so clear, isn't it?

Speaking of which, since our plot is up against the fence I'm a little regretful that we decided to make it 3 feet wide instead of just 2. It may be quite difficult to get in there and deal with things at the back. And the worst part of it is that it's quite a permanent set up ... we may end up changing the border some day but I doubt we would take the whole thing out and replant a whole patch of grass. Oh well. Zvi's tall though so if I can't manage to reach into the depths of the veggie forest, I have no doubt that I can count on him to help me out!

I've been looking around at other people's front lawn gardens in the area while out for walks with Bayla and I must say that I really shouldn't have paid attention to the spacing requirements of the tulips I planted in the fall. Our little display of flowers looks ridiculous!

Sparse Tulips Out Front

Sometimes it's important to pay attention to instructions ... like when making shakshuka for instance - 5 jamaican hot peppers is not the same as 3 jalapenos!!! But in this case, I'm envious of the lawns that have big beautiful clumps of flowers and I can't help but just shake my head and laugh when I see our display of sparse tulips. I planted a whole lot of other flowers seeds though and I'm patiently waiting for them to show their little heads and improve the situation.

I definitely plan on digging up the tulip bulbs this fall and repositioning them into a more appealing configuration ... and of course I vow to never pay attention to instructions again :-)